Picture throwing darts, only much more fun and entertaining! An Axe Master will provide safety instruction and coaching on proper throwing technique.  As we will spend a few minutes with you at the beginning of your session, we recommend you sign your waiver online before you get here to make the process quicker and smoother.  See the Sign Waiver button on the upper menu to sign your waiver now.  We also recommend you come in 5-15 minutes early, depending on how many people you have in your party and how familiar you are with axe throwing with us.  Still not sure?  We’re happy to provide a demonstration for you when you come in before you commit to play!

Families are always welcome at the Homer Axe House. The minimum age limit for throwing axes is 10 years, but younger kids are welcome as spectators. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Parents or guardians must sign waivers for those under 18 (which can be done online when booking or any time prior to arrival).

All participants (i.e. throwers) must sign a waiver prior to playing.  Parents or guardians must sign waivers for those under 18.  If a group of kids will be participating without their parents (i.e. birthday party, etc.), parents or guardians can sign waivers online any time prior to arrival.  If you are the party leader, simply forward the link provided in the booking confirmation email to all of the party guests once your reservation is booked.

Throwing axes aren’t overly sharp – the blades are very thin, which allows them to stick in the target easier. But use common sense – don’t test the sharpness by running your finger over the blade.  And it still hurts if you drop an axe on your toes, so closed toed shoes are required (which we can provide if you forget).

Each target is surrounded by heavy rubber mats to prevent axes that miss the target from bouncing back at the thrower. The same anti-bounce-back mats line the floor of the lanes to further minimize bounce back from any axes that drop to the floor. These mats protect both the participants and the equipment.

Our lanes are divided so that each target is in its own lane, so only one thrower at a time is active in each lane.  Cradles are provided for your axe in between throws so you don’t have to hand axes to each other.

Our safety measures protect guests and employees during normal play.  All that being said, guests are required to behave appropriately – no horse play, no running with axes, no throwing axes at anything other than targets (and our insurance company frowns on axe murdering!)  Anyone determined to be behaving in an unsafe manner may be asked to leave if their behavior cannot be corrected.

We aren’t a bar and Alaska doesn’t allow customers to bring their own alcoholic beverages into establishments like ours, but you are free to bring in your own food and nonalcoholic beverages. We have tables and stools available for your use. Just note that our floor is concrete, so please no glass. We do offer a variety of sodas and bottled water on site.

Not at this time.  Our insurance does not currently allow anything other than hatchets.  We may reconsider this at a later date if there is enough interest in knives or throwing stars.  With our projected targets, our lanes are not designed to safely throw full sized axes.

Yes!  If you have your own hatchet that you love to throw, you are welcome to bring it in and use it following inspection by one of our Axe Masters.  We do not allow full size axes at this time.  We may reconsider this at a later date if there is enough interest in this option.

Yes!  We have a limited number of shoes available to rent so you won’t miss out on the fun!  That said, you will be a lot more comfortable in your own shoes, so we recommend you wear your own.

  • BYO(Food) Allowed
  • Axe Masters (Instructors) on Site
  • Merchandise for Sale on Site
  • Gift Cards Available
  • Premium Targets
  • Quality Throwing Axes
  • Anti-Bounce-Back Mats
  • Closed Toed Shoes Required

Things come up and life happens.  We simply ask that you provide a 48 hours notice for cancellations.  After that we’re happy to help you reschedule for another available day or time.

No refund will be issued if you no show/no call for your reservation.

Pricing listed is for throwers only.  Family and friends that do not wish to throw (i.e. spectators) are welcome and will not be charged a fee.

Homer Axe House is a great place to celebrate birthdays and holidays, or blow off a little steam at the end of a season, whatever season that may be! You are free to bring in food, drinks and gifts, and to decorate to your heart’s content. If you have a larger party and want to reserve the entire venue, we have extended hours available beyond our normal open throwing hours.  Just reach out to us via phone or email and we’ll tailor a package to meet your needs!

Still have questions?

Feel free to reach out to us if you have other questions that have not been answered here.